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E-Ticketing FAQ


Will I receive tickets in the mail this year?
We will not be sending out physical versions of our tickets this year. Instead, we have implemented electronic ticketing for all of our home games.


What are e-tickets?
E-tickets are digital tickets that allow you more convenient options for managing your account and accessing Lincoln Financial Field. E-tickets use technology that provides you with options to print your tickets at home, transfer them via email to friends, family and clients, or download them to your smart phone for storage and entrance at the stadium.


When will I be able to get my e-tickets?
For all accounts in good standing, the Eagles Account Manger will open on Monday, May 18. At that time, you will be able to print your tickets, e-mail tickets to others, download tickets to your smart phone, transfer tickets to another person’s smart phone, post your tickets for resale through NFL Ticket Exchange, or donate your tickets to charity.  If you have any questions regarding your account status, please contact us at 215-463-5500.


How do I print my tickets at home or transfer to others?
To print your tickets at home or transfer them to others, simply log in to your Eagles Account Manager, enter your account number and password, and click “Manage My Tickets.” When transferring tickets, you must enter the required contact information of the recipient to create a contact. An email will be sent to that person with instructions on how to access the tickets. Follow the instructions online or watch these how to videos for mobile (transfer, view) or desktop (transfer, print) users for more information.


Can I simply download tickets to my smart phone for access into the stadium or do I have to print them out too?
You can download the tickets to your smart phone and present them at the gate for access into the stadium. You do not need to print them out as well.  The ticket on your smart phone is easily read by gameday staff. There is no reason to be concerned that your ticket will not be scanned at the gate as this technology is widely used in multiple industries including airlines and trains.


How do I download the tickets to my smart phone?
To download the tickets using your smart phone, launch the Eagles Official app and select Season Ticket Member and then Mobile Tickets. Enter your account ID or e-mail address and password. Tap on the specific game and select an action for your ticket by tapping the down arrow for the menu. You will have the option of viewing your tickets (on your phone), adding them to Passbook or transferring them. Passbook is for iPhones only. It is pre-installed and designed to easily store and manage tickets. Click here for a video tutorial.


How can I get my tickets if I don’t have a smart phone or printer at home or my office?
Go to the Eagles Ticket Office at Lincoln Financial Field and we will print them free of charge.


What if my phone runs out of batteries and my tickets are stored there?
If your phone runs out of power, you can present a valid photo ID at any Will Call window to have your ticket printed to gain access to Lincoln Financial Field.